Recent entries on Divinations, too

Legend of the Seeker

Legend of the Seeker should not be seen as just another cheesy television offering of fantasy-adventure but, instead, as a wondrously intricate depiction of an archetypal journal, the purpose of which is to confront – and ultimately assimilate – disavowed aspects of the Self. Whether they be deemed the epitome of Evil or the personification of Perfection, the ultimate task is to recognize how these are but fractured elements of a whole, projected onto and embodied by others.

Defying Gravity

Ultimately, the promotion of Defying Gravity as “Grey’s Anatomy in Space,” undersold the ambitions of the show’s creators and, as a consequence, underestimated our ability to embrace it. For the characters in its story were grappling with the very mystery of living, and the questions humanity has pondered in the face of the unknown.

The Cleaner

William Banks’ “calling” is the fervor of the convert: an attempt at expiation or atonement, seeking to make things right. Ironically, it also seems to tear apart the very family he hoped to save in the first place.

Dollhouse (Season One)

In the final two episodes of its first season, Dollhouse has provided us with a brilliant proclamation of the program’s aspirations. It’s nothing short of revolutionary.

Lie to Me

Science is deployed to shed light on a different kind of truth, one less concerned with the world of facts and evidence, than a different way of understanding ourselves and our ways of being-in-the-world. Science is but the portal to this other mode of sight.


While Dollhouse is organized around a fictional world peopled by imaginary characters, the story is also about us: the nightmare of absent memories, as well as the yearning for liberation from the demands of a mindless existence.

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